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Hypnosis is an ancient tool used for healing which has origins in ancient Egypt and Greece.The hypnotic state is a naturally occurring state we enter spontaneously every day. Think of daydreaming as one example or arriving home not remembering all the driving you did to get there! Our inner knowing simply figures out the path without our paying close attention! This is known as a hypnotic state or light trance.





It does allow us to release past conditioning by engaging the subconscious mind and conscious mind with all our senses. There is a focus on the wisdom of our inner being and knowing. This is the place we all can access and where healing comes from. Many health issues and traumas can be transformed and assisted in healing when we enter our inner self. When the intention is set for the conscious and subconscious to meet in a safe space, we are allowed entry into healing states in which deep and rapid transformations are possible.

You have the choice to enter a therapeutic hypnotic state or not. It is not possible to ‘have it done to you’. Hypnotherapy is not placing ideas into a passive container. 

Available Offerings:


Medical Hypnotherapy: $80/hour or 3 one hour sessions $200


Past Life Regression: $150 for 2 hour session

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