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Our Paths

I was re-acquainted with Shelley in Findhorn, Scotland. Immediately I felt a sense of ease and trust being in her presence. I found a love and curiosity for the Sacred within Shelley as deep as my own. An eternal soul-ship/friendship

~Jamie C.

Meet Shelley 

Shelley Hines, is the founder of Astrology Shines and has a passion for life-long learning, teaching and healing. She is experienced as a Registered Nurse, Certified Nurse-Midwife (retired), and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Further, her practice of Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and Evolutionary Astrology allow her to offer a wide variety of services including intuitive astrology chart readings, online or in person classes, workshops, retreats and healing techniques to her clients in America and internationally. She has a metaphysical and spiritual approach to her life and practice.

All faiths welcomed.

Practice Areas

Services & Offerings

Embraces paradigms and methodologies which specifically measure the growth of the soul from life to life. These methods invariably focus on the planet Pluto and its relationship to the Nodal Axis.

The hypnotic state is a naturally occurring state we enter spontaneously every day. Think of daydreaming as one example or arriving home not remembering all the driving you did to get there! Our inner knowing simply figures out the path without our paying close attention! This is known as a hypnotic state or light trance.

These intuitive sessions are individually designed to give you time to delve into your most pressing issues. They follow well after an astrology chart reading, but that is not a requirement.

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