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Shelley's Story

Life is a Healing      Journey

We are ancient beings having physical experiences on Mother Earth for the purpose of healing our souls. We are a fusion of both matter and spirit; the measurable and unmeasurable; the known and the mystical; here to love, to learn, to heal and evolve our souls.

I have chosen paths counter to  those of mainstream society, but always in alignment with healing intentions. The Destiny Line of my journey has lead me to ‘counter-culture’ ways of gathering life-skills as have been reflected in my choices in life and career paths such as having my own children at home, staying at home with them when women were entering the work force en mass, and choosing three unconventional career options - Certified Nurse-Midwife, Master Certified Evolutionary Astrologer, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. 


It is my passion and joy to make available to you a variety of offerings to assist you in your self discovery and soul-healing. 

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