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Astrology Offerings

Three options for your readings:
  1. In Person 

  2. Zoom meetings

  3. Phone

Astrology Birth Chart-Natal Reading  (120-minute reading $175)

A good starting point is to review your Destiny Line or karmic story. You will need to provide your exact birth time, day and city as well as a brief bit of information indicating what areas you wish to focus on. 

Solar Return Chart  (1 hour $120)                                                                  

Your forecast for the current year! What area is your Sun shining the greatest this year? Where is best to focus your energies - work, travel, health, home? Best done after an initial birth chart reading.


Relationship reading (2.5-3 hours $325) 

Good for partners or parents and child


Monthly Check Up (30 minutes $50)                                                              
An individual plan for where your moon is (or how the feelings are), opportunity periods and how to make the most with the energies at hand specific to you.

Astrology Follow-Up or Special Focus (30 minutes $50) A time to go yet deeper into an area of interest or bring 1-2 questions after your initial session with me.   


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