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appreciate so much how you dug deeper for the story that is 'my story’; for my gifts, challenges and talents that will aid me in my growth and development.  


You have learned from others wisdom, but you are not afraid to reach further into your own basket of truth to help others be all they can be in the eyes of their Creator.

~ W.C.F.

I accepted Shelley's invitation to experience hypnosis because I was curious and because I trust her.  In our conversation at the beginning of my session we settled on stress reduction as a focus, and I admit that I really had no expectation of receiving any benefit.


For the next several weeks, my first thought on waking each morning was a variation on the thought, "You are in control" - words that came back to me during the day when I was faced with a stressful situation.  Even after I no longer woke to these thoughts, the words came back to me during times of stress for several weeks. I truly believe hypnosis can be used to change behavior.

~ Marti V.

I am no longer a skeptic.

What is the definition of a 'Wisdom Teacher?' Mine is a person who has wisdom that will change people’s lives and bestows it in a loving manner. Wisdom lovingly applied. Shelley Hines is just this person. This beautiful wisdom teacher pulls her council from the awakened intuition! She is a Master Astrologer and storyteller.

~ Lance J.

What made it so special was how excited you got as you pointed out what makes me unique, as if my uniqueness really matters.  You didn't settle for the obvious, and your enthusiasm over your discoveries of who I am was contiguous and made me feel very special. ~ M.H.


You are par excellent and could measure up against the best, because you 'read' to the beat of your own 'reader' and don't accept the obvious. I have had two other professional astrology readings before, and you have set the bar for me. 

~ M.P.

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